Share your journey with a friend — buy an AE1 gift card!

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2 min readJan 27, 2022

Alpha Energy team is here with another exciting update, which will enable you to share your experience with friends and earn from mining together.

You will now have the opportunity to create a gift card with your desired amount of AE1 tokens (minimum being 100 AE1) and present it to a friend. You can also leave a special note and customize it to your preference.
What could be a better gift? Create your first AE1 gift card and grant them a chance to also be an AE1 holder!

Follow the steps below to purchase the gift card, once done you can gift it to a friend by sharing the visual through social media pages or email. You can also check the status of the gift card and remind them to redeem.

To do so:
-Login to your Alpha Energy account and direct to your “Dashboard”
- Click on the gift icon from the side menu
- Direct to the “Buy gift card” section
- Input the desired amount of tokens (minimum amount is 100 AE1 tokens)
- Choose the currency with which you want to pay
- Write down a special note to your friend, it will appear on the gift card.
- You can preview the overall look of the gift card before proceeding by clicking on the “Preview” button
- Once done click on the “Buy” button
- Go to your external wallet account and click on the “Withdrawal/Send” button to withdraw the amount of the currency with which you chose to pay for the AE1 gift card
- Direct back to Alpha dashboard, copy the generated address or scan the QR code
- Return to your external wallet page and paste the address under the “Withdrawal address” field
- Confirm your withdrawal on your external wallet account
- Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your AE1 gift card at the registered email address

Note: make sure to have enough balance of the chosen currency to successfully complete the purchase of your AE1 gift card.

If you know someone who always wanted to invest in crypto and become a part of the international crypto community, this is an ideal option for them. This unique gift card will be their first step into the crypto investment path!

Be the driving force, purchase an AE1 gift card for your friend:

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