IEO of Alpha Energy token has launched!

Alpha Energy
2 min readJan 11, 2022

Alpha Energy has partnered with an international cryptocurrency exchange Bololex to organize its #IEO of AE1 tokens.

Bololex is a centralized, crypto-to-crypto exchange platform founded in 2020. The exchange does not only support major cryptocurrencies but also is a home for many medium to small-size currency projects from different blockchain types.
Bololex positions itself not only as a versatile and safe trading platform but also as a place for entertainment through its crypto games, staking a pool, and a special feature called Bolo Gaming Pool.

Alpha Energy team was the first one to partner with Bololex exchange and organize an initial exchange offering. Now, potential investors can acquire AE1 tokens directly from the exchange. To do so, one has to:

- Create an account at
- Login to your Bololex account
- Click on the “IEO” button from the top menu
- Input the desired amount of tokens (minimum amount is 100 AE1 tokens)
- Click on “Buy Token”

Note: make sure to have enough USDT on your balance to successfully complete the purchase.

Alpha Energy project is a unique chance to start your investment journey and gain passive income.
Do not wait until the last moment, purchase now at

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