Alpha Energy Token sale starts soon!

Alpha Energy
2 min readOct 13, 2021


We are more than happy to announce that we will be participating in the annual Digitec Expo happening in Yerevan, Armenia from October 29–31st. So, if you are close by, you are welcome to participate.

To highlight the event, even more, the Alpha Energy team decided to launch the official sale of AE1 tokens on the very first day of the expo, October 29.
So, users will be able to purchase tokens starting October 29, and until the station starts its operations we will be buying back tokens with 1$.

Here, you will need to hurry!
Only 100,000 tokens will be available for sale with ONLY 1$. After the first batch of 100K is sold, the price for the next batch of 100K tokens will be 1.2$, then 1.4$, and so on.

After the start of the station’s operations, the buyback price for AE1 tokens will be 0.9 and it will gradually decrease. For now, the token will not be listed on exchanges, yet you can withdraw your assets and store them on your Ethereum wallet. However, keep in mind that you will only get mining rewards for tokens if you store them on your Alpha Energy account.

Last but not least, the Alpha Energy team has prepared a special referral program. So, if you invite a friend to buy some amount of Alpha Tokens, you will receive AE1 tokens equivalent to 1% of that purchase.

Create your account in under a minute:

And mark your calendars for October 29th, and stay tuned for more updates till then!



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